often, even when we have a lot to say, the hardest thing can be to just begin…

what i’ve realized is, i have a desire to say what i want to say regardless if it’s on topic with this website. regardless if it’s the right thing to say or the controversial thing to say…

you should know that some of the things i’ll share here won’t be popular. they might even challenge your current view of things. this is ok. all i ask is that you stay open to contemplation.

change is never easy. often we won’t change until we are actually forced down the path and the choice to change wasn’t actually what we wanted… but one thing i know is that if we desire to continue to inhabit planet earth, then a lot of things will need to change. and some might not be comfortable at first.

please keep in mind … everything i share here comes from a deep deep DEEP love that i have for you and our planet. it is with a deep commitment to service that i’m here and sharing.

my hope is that we grow together and that we can create a community that loves and supports others down each of our individual paths.

i see you… and you are needed.